Role of a Return to Work Coordinator Course

Return to work Consulting

Return to Work Plus provides small to medium businesses with professional advice to help employers better understand and prepare for workplace injuries.

Return to work PLUS : with Employer
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Return to work training

This training provides practical tools and advice about how you can build on these requirements to implement effective return to work practices.

Return to work Toolkit

I have developed this return to work toolkit based on resources developed by WorkSafe in 2011. I have updated the information and put it together in an easy to understand booklet that you can save to your company file and amend it by adding your company logo and details. In it you will find documents you can use to help your employer and injured worker to meet their obligations under the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013. These documents can be used to provide information to key parties on the benefits and importance of returning to work, assist you to source suitable transitional duties and a checklist to assist you with ensuring you haven’t missed any important steps. In this booklet you will find:  

  • Benefits of Returning to Work 
  • Important Return to Work Information 
  • Benefits of supporting your injured workers
  • Authority to Release and Obtain Medical and Return to Work Information
  • Letter to Doctor
  • Job Profile: Pre-injury Duties
  • Job Profile: Proposed Transitional Duties
  • Return to Work Coordinator Checklist

If you need any further assistance with return to work, sourcing duties, treating health practitioner meetings or reviewing your workers compensation files please do not hesitate to get in touch. 


Return to Work Plus Certified