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What is an ORP and what do we do?

Occupational Rehabilitation Providers (ORP), sometimes referred to as Rehabilitation Consultants, are return to work professionals experienced in dealing with workplace injuries and helping people return to safe and sustainable work.

ORP’s are referred to a claim by the Insurance Agent (the Agent), however they are an independent party. They do not work for the Agent, WorkSafe or the employer. They work for the independent company that the Agent has referred the claim to.

ORP’s become involved in a claim for different reasons and they perform several roles. They arrange return to work meetings, identify suitable duties, and arrange Case Conferences. They liaise with all key stakeholders involved in a claim and they help ensure each party is meeting their WorkSafe obligations. Mostly, they provide support to the injured worker and employer during the return to work and recovery journey.

ORP’s become involved through a referral from the Agent. The referral will provide information about the claim, the injury, and the workers current work capacity. They will then liaise with the worker and the employer to arrange an initial meeting, usually at the worksite. Meeting at the worksite allows the ORP to get a good understanding of pre-injury duties, suitable duties, identify any possible barriers affecting a return to work and implement strategies to overcome these barriers. They then provide regular reports to the Agent regarding the injured workers progress.
ORP’s also liaise with General Practitioners and other treating health providers to discuss the injury, treatment plan, capacity and return to work.

The main role of the ORP is to work with the injured worker and their employer to get the worker back to safe work as soon as is reasonably practicable. They will coordinate meetings and appointments, be a point of communication and help all parties navigate the complex system.

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