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What does ‘Work From Home’ mean for injured workers?

If you are an injured worker returning to work on a plan or graduated return to work plan or you are an employer providing duties to a worker who is returning to work as part of their recovery, what does this mean for you and what will it look like?

If you are an employer and you can continue to provide safe duties to your worker, you will need to continue to do this. If you are a business that can safely allow your workers to work from home, you will be required to continue providing your injured worker with suitable duties in a work from home environment.

If you are an injured worker who is currently on a return to work plan and your employer can continue to offer you suitable duties in a safe environment then you are required to continue working through your return to work plan. If, however your industry is required to work from home and your return to work plan allows you to do this, then your duties will be moved to your home environment.

Please contact your Agent or Occupational Rehabilitation Provider who can assist you with this.

Please remember that when working from home, the same Work, Health and Safety laws apply. Employers still have a duty and obligation to provide their employees with a safe work environment.  WorkSafe Victoria and  Safework Australia have some great information on their website to assist you with setting up a safe work from home environment.

If, on the other hand your business is in an industry that has to close its doors and does not allow you to provide work from home duties what does this mean for you and your injured worker? If this is the case you will need to contact your Agent to discuss this further, however WorkSafe Victoria have advised that they will extend payments for long term injured workers and that injured workers who are receiving income maintenance may be entitled to JobKeeper payments.  Receiving JobKeeper or extended payments will not affect your entitlement to medical and like expensed.

If you are an injured worker who is currently returning to work and recovering from injury it is important that you remain positive, focused, and vigilant to get through the next 6 weeks. Take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Eat healthy foods, exercise where you can, reach out to your health providers and keep doing enjoyable things. Little steps in the right direction everyday will help you to maintain your capacity and keep you well-conditioned ready for when we can all return safely to work.

If you are still having trouble, you can contact the WorkSafe Advisory Service on 1800 136 089


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