Graham Nuske

We have attended courses that Tennille has run as well as contacting her, and using her services with Work Cover related issues.
We have found Tennille to extremely practical in her approach, advising us when we speak to her that we are “on the right track” or letting us know of a better way to approach matters. Tennille helped us put together a Return To Work program for an employee, and even submitted it on our behalf. While what we were going to submit was OK, Tennille was able to put the whole submission together in a more professional way, and expand on areas that needed to be. This all resulted in our Return To Work Plan being accepted by the doctors on the first go. Tennille’s availability is also a positive for her. Emails or phone calls are returned in a timely manner. And more importantly when contacting her, no question is to small or trivial. We would highly recommend all courses and services that Tennille offers.

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